Manati Park

Manati Park Tour Information

Manatí Park is an amusing theme park located in Bávaro-Punta Cana, an incredible landscape of wonderful gardens overflowing with orchids and tropical plants. Here you will be able to experience nature, coming into contact with the fauna and flora of the Dominican Republic. During your stay in Manatí Park, you will be able to enjoy varied shows, restaurants, local crafts and souvenir shops... Furthermore, you will have the opportunity of swimming alongside dolphins,  an unforgettable experience. Manatí Park offers you the possibility of a unique experience: swimming with dolphins!


In the crystal clear water of the Manati Park swimming pool under the close supervision of our staff, you will be able to realize a dream you will never forget - that you will want to relate in earnest to your friends and family. A dream that will live on in your memory for ever and remind you of your visit to Bávaro - Punta Cana.


Manati Park is a fun theme park unique in the Dominican Republic, offering horse, parrot, dolphin and sea lion shows as well as Taino Dancing... in Manati Park you can enjoy amazing shows in a unique setting in Bavaro-Punta Cana.


Watch the parrots perform amusing pirouettes, be amazed at the jumps made by the smiling dolphins, let yourself swing to the artistic dancing of the horses performing complex equestrian exercises. Manati Park offers nine shows during the course of each day so that you may select your visit to the park when it suits you.


Lost among the exuberant tropical flora of Bávaro-Punta Cana, the Taino Village is a unique reconstruction of the culture and folklore of the Dominican Republic.


Be astounded at the peculiar beauty of the wonderful dance rituals as recreated by Manati Park's artistic players.


In the Museum you can contemplate authentic treasures of Dominican Art: statues, paintings, traditional dress.... and can purchase reproductions at our quaint artisan gift shops exclusively elaborated by authentic craftsmen before your eyes, using the same materials and techniques that were used by their predecessors.


Manati Park is nature. Nature is Manati Park. Manati Park works to protect what is ours: our Flora, our Fauna ... which belongs to us all.


Manati Park, in collaboration with various National and International Institutions, develops educational, research and reproduction programs on the autochthonous species of the Dominican Republic that are in danger of extinction: iguanas, caimans, flamingos, tropical birds, snakes, sea lions, parrots ... your visit to Manti Park contributes to the success of these programs.



Tour Includes

  • Admission to the Park
  • Guided Tour
  • Horse show
  • Taino show


Transfer in comfortable buses A/C from the hotels of Punta Cana-Bavaro, Bayahibe-La Romana, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo.

*Lunch is not included in this tour.

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